The Carson® brand offers a wide variety of sizes and is preferred and specified by industry professionals nationwide. You can depend on the trusted Carson® brand, delivering reliable hand holes, valve boxes, meter boxes and vaults for nearly 50 years.


  • Light Duty and Non-deliberate Traffic load ratings.
  • Sturdy sidewalls are easy to modify in the field with simple hand saws.
  • Round and rectangle Enclosures in many sizes and depths.
  • AMR options including undermount and surface mount designs.
  • Customizable color choices to blend with the environment


  • Lid options including reader doors, hinged lids, locking components are available for T-Cover and Flush Cover models.
  • Mouseholes and knockouts to accommodate a variety of pipe configurations.
  • Strength and durability from reinforced bottom edge helps the box retain its shape after compaction


Other Carson Options


Carson® BCF Heavywall line is new and improved!

Available in standard sizes ranging from 10” x 15” to 17” x 30” with a variety of lid materials offering multiple options.

Heavywall Meter Pits

Carson® Heavywall Meter Pits offer high strength and durability.

Available in many sizes and shapes with a variety of cover materials and options.

Extensions, accessories, and wall style choices make these an ideal solution for incidental traffic in residential applications.


Carson® TrussT valve boxes are value-engineered to achieve top-down strength for lasting access to irrigation systems.

Sidewalls feature “truss” reinforcements to withstand passing pressure from push-mowers, domestic riding mowers, and other do-it-yourself gardening equipment.


HosEncloseTM Underground Garden Hose Storage System offers quick, convenient access to water and garden hose in a variety of settings. Handy near potted plants & flower beds for daily watering, hardscapes & patios for occasional cleaning, and driveways for washing vehicles.

Easily installs in landscapes and wood patio decks.