Delivering Reliability

Our precast products are designed, manufactured and installed to meet the highest standards of quality and engineering specifications. Made from structural fiber and steel-reinforced, high strength precast concrete, our pre-engineered walls exceed local and state building codes and are built to withstand wind loads up to 200 mph. Precast concrete stands as the most versatile and sustainable building solution, offering an almost endless variety of products and design options.

Specifications & Testing

  • ASCE Requirements
  • Florida Building Code
  • FHWA and AASHTO Noise Abatement Requirements
  • Testing per NPC, CMEC, ACI, and Multiple State DOT’s

Customization Options

  • Wall finish
  • Column Finish
  • Column Cap
  • Paint Finish
  • Wall Type

Product Line

  • Duratek Classic is the economical site wall choice.
  • Duratek Profile combines aesthetics and pre-engineered functionality.
  • Duratek Combo is the trusted all-in-one solution.
  • Duratek DOT meets or exceeds local and federal noise reduction regulations.
  • Duratek Civil for specifically tailored job-specific applications.
  • Duratek Signature Add-Ons for custom features.


The Full Line

Duratek Classic

The Duratek Classic precast concrete wall is strong, durable, and makes an appealing visual presentation. The panels are vertically cast so both sides are cast against mirror finish steel forms. The panels have a built-in wall cap and built-out base band that gives the wall visual depth and definition. Our concrete walls are pre-engineered to 200 M.P.H wind loads and are available in 3’ to 25’ wall heights.

  • 6’ or 8’ Standard Panel Heights
  • 19’-2” Standard Panel Width
  • 10” x 14” Standard Posts on 20’0” Centers

Duratek Profile

The Duratek Profile Series wall system offers a variety of options for wall height, facia patterns, and wall finishes. Our innovative wall manufacturing process allows for our wall profile forms to be used with any of our interchangeable wall formliners, resulting in a wide collection of complimentary wall appearance combinations. Each of these combinations can also be manufactured in a variety of heights to meet your project needs.

  • Variety of Formliners Options
  • Variety of Finish Options
  • Variety of Height Options

Duratek Combo

The Duratek Combo combines an engineered retaining wall with our Classic or Profile privacy sound wall to provide an all inclusive solution designed to structurally and aesthetically meet your demanding project needs. The Duratek Combo is the perfect solution for those unique situations where you structurally need to handle grade changes while at the same time provide a privacy or sound barrier for the property owner.

The combination of retaining wall and privacy wall into one vertical package allows more usable space within the development compared to two separate systems; and installations in close proximity to property lines.

  • Retaining Wall & Privacy/Sound Wall Combined
  • Various Height and Configuration Options
  • Available using all privacy wall series

Specs & Downloads

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