Why Oldcastle Polymer

Oldcastle Polymer concrete enclosures deliver strength and durability like traditional concrete, but at a fraction of the weight. The Oldcastle Polymer brand offers a broad range of sizes and configurations to meet your needs. These enclosures provide medium to heavy duty solutions for vaults, splice boxes and meter boxes ideal for any industry – municipal water, telecommunications, and other commercial and industrial applications.


  • Lids come standard with pressed marking identification and offered with optionsl marking plate flexibility.
  • Cable racks are available for H-Series boxes to create a custom fit for your application.
  • EMS markers

Custom Options

  • From 9" in diameter to 48"x48", the H-Series has you covered for any need.
  • Hex head, penta head, coil bolt, and vandal proof bolt hardware all offer different levels of security.
  • Mouseholes available